What do you get lost in?

sincerely, this is the hardest yet the most challenging question that I keep craving it’s answer from the life happening around me. In an attempt to know when does my heart get full-tanked, I just gave it an aimless try to find out the answer..

I get lost between the words when they fall from the mouths genuinely, when my eyes unite with my imagination  and authentically  create their own slow motion scenes from what ever reality is happening around. Those moments when time pauses and everything moves with the flow or on the beats, the beats of my mind. I can never get over a yellow-lighted balcony in a late night, I appreciate comfortable silence and blurry photos. I don’t think there is a time I handled it and calmly enjoyed one of those remarkable ceremonies or watched a movie without curiously wandering among the faces.

I found that I’m so in love with the backstage of this world; what’s behind it. My body moves towards nothing but to explore what is beyond the things. I was that kid who could never prevent her feet from going towards the shells after they reach the shore, just in case there is a letter lying beneath.