So yeah, here the flight seat is empty again,

It wasn’t a literal seat as she told him, but it was a meaningful one as he told her. Frustrated in her thoughts and the infinite what ifs, she kept wandering. The emptiness of this seat has never made her feel lonely. It was an allusion for whatever is coming next. It was an answer to why she kept saving this place, it was the “If he only knows what is waiting for him” thought, and it was her waiting lively and high spirit-idly for that someone who will merge his energy into hers so they can fit perfectly and embrace all their imperfections.

The “empty seat” picture is not only an allusion for her upcoming life, but for the love and care that she has for all this world – A frame that she keeps glancing at curiously whenever she stands in the middle of a crowd or at the end of those ordinary days.

“Perspectives shape everything” these are his words, and she totally agrees with that. But when it comes to her heart, her heart doesn’t render perspectives nor interpret them.

After having to deal with the “almost” that he has endowed her with. Perhaps she doesn’t stare at the empty seat as happy as the previous times;  she rather steals some rapid yet profound glances. She accepts these – from time to time – apathetic glances because deep down she knows that this time; she is looking at the empty seat faithfully – with all the faith that is left in her heart. The trip is still there and the rest is yet to come.