For the souls that never rest, the eyes that are created to marvel and gaze at each tiny detail, and the minds that wander till the last hour of the day. I can tell where your feet are pinned now.
You might be standing in the middle of the crowd now, banging your fingers and rolling your eyes. Your mind is recreating some scenarios over that old woman with the dark yellow hat over there. Other days, you’re just staring at your favorite flower shop; and watching that guy with the awkward smile who comes every Saturday to buy the same kind of flowers. I can hear your curious mind! “Maybe he’s so in love, or maybe his girl doesn’t even know yet! What if she is no more alive and it’s her weekly visit that brings him here every Saturday.”

Dear young wise soul, I know you so well, i know what your heart craves in order to feel safe and content. I know how much you get lost in features, especially those with wrinkles. I know that your eyes sparkle whenever you pass by a shop that has a photo of its owner hung on the wall.
And I have something for you to tell after having a glimpse on how the “notes” folder on your mobile phone is messed up! and how your playlist can take us to the moon and back.

Here it is, your world itself is a contentment, your wonderings are! And your whole life should be. Because as long as you’re alive, everybody’s random boring noons are never the same to you, home windows that everybody is used to pass by, are your access cards to fantasy and passion. You’re always there trying to resonate whatever is going around with your whole being.

Thank you for bringing life to all the objects that surround your little tiny huge world.