We came to this world naked from any fears; it was all revolving around mothers, fathers and some sort of a hidden power that can only be sensed. We pour our souls into everything that we do and of course we knew nothing about rushing things or comparing ourselves to others. Our wordlists had no idea about any expressions that carry any sort of dreading or distressing. After a while, when we merge all our senses in the surroundings; some new pronouncing appears into our life. We compare, we rush and we apathetically do things and say words while having no clue why our hearts are not content/fulfilled.

When things go like that, when we hold our breaths more than letting them out and when we’re no longer besieged by unconditional love and soul connectivity, then it’s time to pause.  And by “pause” I don’t mean to disappear or stay silent- But if staying away from screens means disappearing then I mean it with all my heart- go back to the basic forgetting all the castles of appearance that you’ve built in your whole life. Stay away from anything that obscures the air around you, that makes you feel less humane, because as long as you are acquainted with the word “human”, you will never stop pausing when things go wrong.

As a human, you have to know the amount of aesthetics that you carry within you. Your primitiveness is made of  love and care  in the first place before anything else has grown inside of you. In this way, you will genuinely reach  that phase where you can contain the whole world.

If you ever stopped in the middle of this hustle,  if you ever found yourself questioning everything that you’re involved in – Pause ..

You will learn that there are no un-sacred places, that God is every where inside you. Because from a clearer/closer perspective, you will realize that this hidden power was all along God, in the first place, then mothers and fathers.

you will be able to love with all what you have while having no doubt, because giving love won’t consume you but will make you blossom. You won’t be giving up on whatever you find your soul belonging to.

And when you reach this point, you will be a step closer to the essence of this journey of life, you will be taken to  the world of warmth, tenderness and devotion; and there, you’ll meet those who are on the same level just as you. Those who went through the same journey of craving authenticity and rawness.
Having the same scars, they will grasp the whole thing about you. You’ll surprisingly find yourself speaking your language without even trying to express it.

Of course you will still think twice and fear things, but they will reassure as much as they can that you are where you belong to and that you are safe when they are around. On the other hand, you’ll find yourself unconsciously entangled with them, because you know deep down that they longed for the truth, and the truth led them to You.