Roxi in the box

On the 14th of December, Roxi will be launching her new exposition in Mann (the archeological museum). This time you will look at her work with a different eye, black and white illustrations that resembles the first Naploitan migrants who went to North America in 1900. Important to mention that Roxis work takes two paths, sometimes you will find it commercial but most of the times she set her critical eye freely to develop towards contemporary society, ready to explore, hit, sneer and reveal everything that lies far off the box. In order to dig deeply behind this extraordinary work, the best thing was to step into her studio house and ask away.

Why Roxi in the box?

I believe that I live in my own box, which is my little world. I worked more than 10 years for a mobile company and my colleagues used to call me “Roxy in the box” because they know I believe that workers are closed in a box. More than ten years ago, I felt limited and I had this gut feeling that one day I am going to quit and start publishing my art. Fortunately when I began to sell my artistic work I left my job at the company. Also It was recently that I decided to tighten my world, it’s all about those who truly love me, beside my paintings and two cats.

Every artist uses his life as a mean to influence his paintings, how does your life inspires your drawings?

Life and art is one thing for me, i am not different in the night than the afternoon or morning, so everything I have drawn was something that I wanted to communicate or something that has happened to me in my own life. When I draw, I feel and see all of us as humans, not just me. Maybe one or two works are related to my private life but everything is what the community feels today. In fact, there are many aspects of my work, some of them are commercial because as an artist, this is my way to stay financially independent and other works are social because this is how I connect with the world.

Does your opinion about your art change?

Yes, but not from morning to night. For example, when I look at my paintings that i worked on 14 years ago, I get touches my heart in a way because it makes me see myself when i was 15 years younger, it makes me feel something. At this moment, when I look deeply and stare into one of my old drawings, I remember how was my feeling when I jumped out of my bed and said ” I want to draw this”. It never happened that I saw my work and questioned it, it always makes me feel something intimate, too intimate.

So can you tell me what does this painting mean? It holds a lot of context inside.

This work was influenced by my grandmother, I remember that she used to have the last 10 mins of the day for herself only. This is the only time when she sits alone, comb her hair and think solely. You know what .. When I painted this work, in the last 10 mins of this day I was a bit worried and I felt like there is something dangerous around me.

If I ask you to close your eyes and describe a painting that signifies this phase of your life, now, What would it be?

She closed her eyes, teared and said “ A black and white painting, nostalgic and melancholic”

Is this a painting of you?

Yes, I am not used to look at my body in the mirror, especially after my last two surgeries that I had last year. When i look at this painting, it’s the only time I look at my body. This is the real me naked and raw.

What made you decide your next work to be in black and white, unlike the rest of your work?

Before, I was afraid to show my nostalgic side, but now I want to show my real feelings and my real self, with no colors. So, after two years of research, I will start next month. The name of my new exposition is “Racism” which means racist to the sea, the sea is a bridge that shows the neighbourhood.

Does people consider you a napolitan artist?

If people can see naples in my work so that’s because i come from naples, Maybe because i drew people like Maradona and San Gennaro, but I usually draw general things that all the world can relate to

Do you consider yourself a street artist?

Look, art is freedom, and artists are free. Actually everybody is free. Artists should not be classified into raws and colunms. I did street art when I wanted to get closer to the people so I went and drew in the streets, I didn’t think much about it. So I don’t consider myself as a street artist, I am an artist I do art whenever i feel like. I am free and we all should be.

In this controversial city, where art lies in the structure of everything, Roxi in the box found her own way to express her emotions. When you see her drawings in the street you feel like she has something to say to the world, and it seems like the world needs to listen. Roxis drawings always has something beyond the painting. she leaves you wondering and questioning, and in this way; you know you are inspired.

What: Art exposition
Where: Mann (archeological museum)
When: 14th of December